Lipedema / lipoedema Awareness Day 21: #ihaveembraced

There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

Kudos to Taryn Brumfitt, who after 3 pregnancies was contemplating cosmetic surgery and did a complete turn around and asked herself, what if, WHAT IF, I begin to love my body just as it is, right now. As a woman with lipedema, I relate to the struggle and the constant desire to have a normal body, whatever “normal” is. So today, in honor of the act of courageousness to step into the limelight and stand up and say “EMBRACE” the body you have, here is Body Image Movement and Taryn’s kickstarter video, she has raised over $300,000 of her original $200,000 goal. Hooray for a movement to help all women move beyond the cultural traps around body size.

embrace kickstarter - click "play" to go to video

embrace kickstarter – click “play” to go to video

Comments and feedback most welcome! Remember to spread the word about lipedema. For more info


About catherineofcambridge

I am a Professor at Cambridge College in Massachusetts, teaching leadership development, research methods, and psychology. I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University concentrating on empowering women who experience the distortions of body image as represented in the media. I am founder of lipoedema simplified LLC, dedicated to raising awareness and providing education for lipedema/lipoedema. I am the producer of the documentary and training programs about lipoedema: You Mean It’s Not My Fault: Lipoedema – A Fat Disorder.
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1 Response to Lipedema / lipoedema Awareness Day 21: #ihaveembraced

  1. amcken3 says:

    To me the issue is about improved HEALTH…the liposuction surgery improves the HEALTH of the lymph system and person. My loved one who has it is drop dead gorgeous AS IS but I want her to be healthy her whole life. My condition is related and disfiguring so I understand wanting to feel beautiful but my priorities have changed to my health.

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