Lipedema / lipoedema Awareness Day 19: Dr Joe Dayan and Dr Mark Smith

There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

After they trained all day in surgeries with Dr. Josef Stutz in Germany, I had the opportunity to informally chat with Drs Mark Smith and Joe Dayan about their experiences with surgery and their collaboration. In addition to performing surgery at Mt Sinai Beth Israel in NYC, they are co-directors of the Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research and Treatment They are innovators in developing and performing lymph-node transfer for patients with lymphedema, and since Spring 2013 have been studying and exploring lipedema and treatment options as well, traveling to Germany and training with several of the top experts there. Today, this clip features Dr Joe Dayan.

Their Center of Excellence for Lipedema is in the process of being opened and will begin to offer treatment by Fall 2014.

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About catherineofcambridge

I am a Professor at Cambridge College in Massachusetts, teaching leadership development, research methods, and psychology. I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University concentrating on empowering women who experience the distortions of body image as represented in the media. I am founder of lipoedema simplified LLC, dedicated to raising awareness and providing education for lipedema/lipoedema. I am the producer of the documentary and training programs about lipoedema: You Mean It’s Not My Fault: Lipoedema – A Fat Disorder.
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