Opportunity to Share your Lipedema Story for Publication!


Lipedema Project - for publication

Lipedema Project – for publication

Would you be willing to share your lipedema/lipoedema story in detail? Are you ok for it to be widely published? Are you willing to share photos as well as your story? If your answer is YES, please contact lipedema.project@gmail.com. Send a short essay (1 page) about your experience with lipedema, your process of diagnosis, and then seeking help and answers. Be sure to include what stage lipedema you have, and are you affected by lymphedema. Professional editorial help will be available so don’t worry about your writing skills.


About catherineofcambridge

I am a Professor at Cambridge College in Massachusetts, teaching leadership development, research methods, and psychology. I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University concentrating on empowering women who experience the distortions of body image as represented in the media. I am founder of lipoedema simplified LLC, dedicated to raising awareness and providing education for lipedema/lipoedema. I am the producer of the documentary and training programs about lipoedema: You Mean It’s Not My Fault: Lipoedema – A Fat Disorder.
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1 Response to Opportunity to Share your Lipedema Story for Publication!

  1. Jessica Hopen says:

    Are you still looking for individual’s stories? It’s difficult to think of discussing this openly, as my figure-my legs- are something I’ve tried to amend and hide my whole life. I’ve just recently started learning about what may have contributed to my shape, about lipodema. I’m scheduled to see a plastic surgeon, again, but know that won’t “fix” the situation. Writing about my experiences sounds like an opportunity for continued personal growth and potential satisfaction by participating in outreach. I’m interested if this project is ongoing still.

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