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Magic Happened with Professor Dr Földi in Germany

One HIGHLIGHT of my recent trip to Germany Arriving in Hinterzarten in Germany is a bit like driving through the fairy tales of my childhood, driving slowly and intimately through the Black Forest. The first time I made this journey … Continue reading

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Lipedema management – by Linds!

Lipedema: this unknown (often referred to as “painful fat disorder”), misunderstood, autoimmune disease, rarely diagnosed. Much like having a “lazy pancreas” with my type 1 diabetes, my lymphatic system is also lazy. It’s pretty important – drains all of the … Continue reading

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Lipedema and Obesity

Information about lipedema being a disease and not a lifestyle choice is beginning to spread, albeit still in like-minded places. Still, I am grateful for all steps in the right direction – AWARENESS. 17 million women in the US have … Continue reading

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Soon: 1st Center of Excellence for Lipedema Care and Treatment in NYC

A year ago today I was in the Operating Room at Beth Israel Medical Center/Mt Sinai Hospitals filming with Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Joe Dayan. Working with them has been a marathon of a different sort and it looks … Continue reading

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Courage to follow your heart and intuition

Finding out about lipoedema was finding a solution in the midst of chaos. After the complications from surgery in 2011, it looked like there were no answers, no way out, no way to find a solution. Two things – one … Continue reading

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Documentary Preview

Obesity is a rising crisis, often blamed on diet and life-style choices. However, an estimated 17 million women in the U.S. and 370 million worldwide have the hereditary genetic fat disorder, lipedema/lipoedema, without knowing it. Anti-fat bias proliferates our healthcare … Continue reading

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Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come

Lipedema was first named in 1940 at the Mayo clinic by 2 physicians, Allen and Hines. Nothing, and I mean nothing has been done in the US towards recognizing or looking for answers for this disorder. After 70+ years, it’s … Continue reading

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Saying YES!

My main focus has been on Facebook and several closed lipedema groups, but I realize these groups, as helpful as they have been, are limited in their reach. There are so many who might not look there. So it’s time … Continue reading

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